Try the electronic hotel door locks for a secure experience

Since security has become a real concern for everyone, hotel door locks also need to be modified. The old door locks do not support the modern security needs and hotel doors need locks that are compatible with modern hotel

security standards. Today, only modern-day electrical and RFID door locks can be used to replace the old hotel door locks.  Due to their effectiveness, they are becoming so popular in every hotel these days and replacing the

traditional hotel door locks. Although changing the hotel door locks is an expensive task but it is a really good investment in the long run because you would want your guests to stay safe from any inconvenience because people

prefer a secure place over anything else.

UClocks is a Chinese company that manufactures security locks of different kinds. These various locks include modern electrical, digital, biometric, and password security locks. So, using them in a big or small hotel is not a problem

because you will have access of these locks at all times. With time, there are several software updates that keep them working in optimal conditions. The company even manufactured them in chic and simple designs that can blend

into any interior.

Here we are going to have a close look at one of their hotel door locks from VISUAL III RFID (V5 SERIES). Let’s see the details.


It is a kind of electronic hotel door locks from the VISUAL III RFID series. It is simply designed yet has an expensive chic look that goes with the modern hotel environment. The Visual III RFID series is particularly designed to be fit in a

contemporary setup. It comes in a matte black finish that gives a fine look. The lock has RFD technology. The lock case is available in ANSI, AUS, and EURO versions, so you can use these locks in any setting. This lock is

compatible with the BIS HOTEL software platform and features a re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory. There is a 3-point stainless steel latch construction with an anti-friction mechanism in this lock along with a mortise

equipped 20mm throw high strength deadbolt.

In case of emergency, there is a panic release function in which the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by the inside handle for easy regress in an emergency situation. It features ADA and is powered by four AA batteries

that provide up to 1-year normal lifetime. It even offers a 1000 events audit trail.

As for technical specification, the power is 4 X 1.5V AA alkaline batteries and these are placed inside of the back lock. The handle and lock body is made from Aluminum alloy. The locking mechanism in this lock is an electro-

mechanical locking mechanism.

To install this lock, the door thickness must be 35-80mm but only for EURO mortise. And the storage temperature must be 20°C~80*C and a non-condensing environment. Lastly, the supported RFID Standard for this lock is ISO

14443 A (MIFARE Classic).

Try the electronic hotel door locks for a secure experience

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