Digital Door Lock Manufacturers: The Solution For Privacy Home Life

We recommend Uclocks as a professional manufacturer and exporter of hotel door locks because it has more than 28 years of experience on the market in which they have established themselves in China as a world-class, high-quality producer of security products – with an emphasis on electronic locks.

We will talk in this article about their product that goes by the name of electronic hotel door lock – guardian elegant RFID. This is their latest electronic hotel door lock which they proud themselves of the high quality and fashionable slim design. This product is specially manufactured for modern hotels that are being newly built or renovated as it will be able to fulfill the design of the hotel, which makes a very important first impression on the guest.

Some technical specifications of these products, in regards to the RFID, are the following:

  • It has 13.56MHz technology which is compatible with the ISO 14443 A standard (MIFARE Classic).
  • It comes with eleven free sectors for future all-in-one cards.

There are a lot of benefits that come when acquiring this product, some of them are going to be listed:

  • Greater Guest Satisfaction: with this electric door lock there is no need to insert the RFID card anywhere, just bring the card close to the lock so it makes contact and the room will be opened. This is thanks to the Mifare contactless technology which guarantees higher guest satisfaction.
  • Higher Security: this lock comes with anti-hacker technology. This is a great thing about Uclocks in comparison to its competitors, other companies’ keycards are easy to hack into through an USB port that are usually located on the outside escutcheon of the door locks, which are easy to crack and open the door. On the other hand, Uclocks’s products have anti-hacker technology that doesn’t allow any re-programming from flash ram as it does not have a USB port easy to be located.
  • Accessible pricing: Uclocks’s products are able to be acquired by any type of hotel, as the client is able to choose from an arrangement of products depending on the price. There are low-cost guest card, wristbands and key fobs that is able to fit the budget of any hotel type, whether it’s business, resort, spa and all-inclusive. This specific product from Uclocks sells at a much more competitive price than any other global distributors.
  • Easy to use: GUARDIAN RFID is able to integrate and be interlinked with any other existing applications at your hotel. For example, this electronic door lock is able to check information on handheld services for more comfort for the user. The next operations are easy to check: audit trails, low battery statuses, real-time clock adjustment, and others.
  • Variety of design: All of Uclocks hotel door locks are designed to keep up with the stylish trends, this is why they provide a wide and stylish selection of door locks that will be able to suite any type of decoration of hotels, whether it be an elegant or modern hotel.
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