The Best Hotel Locking System Manufacturer

Nowadays most 5-star hotels no longer use mechanical keys but use some form of electronic key, most famously the RFID card. This is because of the convenience that it created for the user and for the hotel. They are easy to keep track of and are easy to manage and use, they normally cause many fewer problems than the mechanical key, it overall creates a better experience which explains why they are so popular. There are a lot of manufacturers of this type of item but a great example to showcase in this article is the hotel locking system manufacturer that goes by the name of Uclocks.

The Best Hotel Locking System Manufacturer

They have over 27 years of experience where they have established themselves as a world-class, high-quality producer of security products, with an emphasis on electronic locks. Even though they are a Chinese-based company they have customers all over the world where they constantly ship their products.

For example, to focus on just one of their many products we will talk about the Electronic Hotel Card Lock – Guardian RFID. This product belongs to the Uclocks GUARDIAN RFID G1 Series which is the luxury version of the GUARDIAN RFID G0 Series. This means that it looks more stylish visually, as it offers a better-looking exterior and material finish for those high-quality hotels.

This luxury series offers the same performance as the regular one but with more international high-quality certifications which will enhance the user experience.

Some technical specifications of these products are the ones that will be listed:

  • It is equipped with a flexible platform which brings comfort for the hotel management as it comes with all-in-one card applications.
  • It has 13.56MHz technology which is compatible with the ISO 14443 A (MIFARE) standard.

There are a lot of benefits that this product would provide to the users, which are important to know. So those will be described in the next few lines:

  • Better user satisfaction: the RFID cards that this hotel lock uses are of very high contactless technology, which will make the process of opening a door much easier, this will definitely create a more comfortable environment for all guests and staff. There will be no need to insert the keycard into a hole, as the entrance is contactless.
  • Higher security: these locks come with anti-hacker technology which is unlike other competitor’s keycards which are able to be hacked through a mini-USB port that are commonly in the outer shell of the lock. In comparison Uclocks has anti-hacker technology which doesn’t allow any reprogramming with FLASH RAM.
  • More exclusive experience: this product will overall provide a new experience for the guests of a hotel and it will enhance the image of a hotel.

So now you know that the Uclocks company is able to offer a wide range of RFID carriers which have been designed for different applications (for guests, for staff and VIP guests).

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