A Reliable Commercial Door Lock Supplier Is Here For You

This is a very important question to be asked because it’s common that in the present times most hotels use some sort of electronic hotel lock instead of a mechanical one. This mostly happens in top tier hotels, those with 5 stars in quality. It might seem like a stupid question because hotels take pride in their security and how that goes hand in hand with their guests’ comfort but it is still a question that might be in some people. So, in this article we will be answering this question and recommending a company that is high quality producer of security products.

RFID hotel lock systems as the name suggests are locks that work with a RFID card instead of a mechanical key. This system is overall easier to control from hotels and creates more comfort for the users of such hotel, from VIP guests, normal guests and even the staff.

There have been some cases where stuff has been stolen from hotel rooms because people have overridden the security system from cheap hotel lock systems, so it’s important to only buy this type of product from a certified high-quality company. This is why we recommend Uclocks, they have over 27 years of experience and they have been able to establish themselves as a high-quality producer of security products, with an emphasis on electronic locks.

Is the RFID hotel lock system safe?

To prove this, we will go into detail about one of their products that goes by the name of Electronic Hotel Lock – Base RFID. This product is described as offering the latest and the most reliable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology with the best relation between price and performance, actually offering the best high-cost performance solution.

This Uclocks BASE RFID products offer the most flexible solution for future all-in-one card applications and it makes a hotel able to go contactless for their guests.

It’s safe to say that not only would it provide a more comfortable experience for the guests of the hotel and staff but it’s also a very safe product in comparison to some of the competition. We say this because this lock has a special emergency cylinder that is able to provide a mechanical override of the system in case of any emergency. This will definitely elevate the security in any hotel, but this is not the only benefit that would come when installing this type of product. Some other advantages will be described next:

-More Security: this lock comes with an anti-hacker which means that it doesn’t allow the lock to be re-programmed through a FLASH RAM lock memory.

-It’s adaptable: RFID keycards can be used in any type of hotel, from 5 stars to resorts, to maybe low-cost hotels. The benefit of this technology is that it can be adapted to any style.

So before buying an RFID hotel lock system for a hotel, check its specifications to see if it will be able to satisfy all the needs of a certain hotel which include safety and comfort.

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