I7A6FMTW Biometric Door Lock from Uclocks

Uclocks produces a lot of different security and access control management systems. One of its base products is the I7A6FMTW biometric door lock. It has a lot of features and benefits to offer. Here we will discuss some of them.

Features of the I7A6FMTW biometric door lock from Uclocks:

5-way operation variations.

The smart door locks mostly lack this feature that they are only able to be unlocked by one method at max. some also provide you the option to unclick them by your phone. However, the I7A6FMTW door lock has an array of unlocking methods. Here we have listed all of them.

· Pin code unlock.

· Fingerprints unlock.

· RF Card key unlock

· Mobile application unlocks.

· Mechanical key.

With all of these features, it becomes almost impossible for the users to get in an emergency because of the lock.

Outer charging port for emergencies.

In some cases, the lock runs out of battery as the only power source for the lock is its internal battery. So, on the outside, there is a USB port that can be used for powering up the lock for unlocking it.

Manual locking and unlocking available.

If you get yourself in the case where either the lock runs out of battery or you do not have any way to unlock it, you can use a manual locking and unlocking method. It is because the I7A6FMTW door lock has a key slot and a manual knob to manually lock and unlock the door.

I7A6FMTW Biometric Door Lock from Uclocks

Benefits of the I7A6FMTW biometric door lock from Uclocks:

Fast Fingerprint reading technology.

To make the process of unlocking the door, the lock comes with fast fingerprint technology. This takes only one touch of your finger to quickly unlock the door.

Automatic locking after a few seconds.

When you use the lock, there will be no need to worry about locking it when you come back. It has a feature that makes the lock automatically lock itself after a few seconds of operation.

You get notified about every event.

Whenever the lock is locked and unlocked, you will get notifications on your phone about the event.

Integrated alarm system.

The I7A6FMTW door lock has an integrated alarm system to tell you about any intruder if the lock senses the wrong pin or fingerprint. It even works for trying to use the wrong keys and you also get the battery low warnings.

Pros of the I7A6FMTW biometric door lock from Uclocks:

· The I7A6FMTW biometric door lock from Uclocks will give you low battery warnings to stay away from unwanted emergencies.

· You can enable an invisible keypad to enter pin code without others letting you know it.

· You can enter random numbers before the actual pin code to make it difficult for others to remember.


Being a very futuristic lock, the I7A6FMTW door lock comes with a lot of features. Here we discussed some of them so that you can know about all that this lock has to offer. The best part of this lock is the quality trust of Uclocks that comes with this lock.

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