How to Maintain Your Hotel Door Lock

Hotel door locks are commonly used in hotels, rental apartments, and other commercial buildings. The hotel door locks are convenient, intelligent, and safe. However, such advanced door locks still need maintenance to ensure they can work normally and the safety standards. Here are some tips to maintain your hotel door locks.

Tip 1 Back up Database

This is the most important procedure need to be done for hoteliers. Something unexpected may happen any time. You have no idea what happen in the future. Therefore, as a qualified and professional hotelier, you need to backup the database of the BIS hotel system, in case of unexpected accidents.

Tip 2 Maintenance for Door Lock Battery Pack

We also need to replace the battery every 12 months. If we have no consciousness about changing the battery, the power of the batteries would run out someday. At that time, the guests can not check into the hotel room normally.

How to Maintain Your Hotel Door Lock

Electronic Hotel Card Lock – Base II Retro RFID

By the way, the type of battery also is a vital factor we need to care about. The low-quality batteries have the high possibility of low battery leakage which could damage the smart hotel door lock. Alkaline dry batteries are recommended to be used for, with their high quality.

Tip 3 Maintenance for Door Lock Surface

As time goes by, the door lock surface inevitably gets oxidation, especially the zinc alloy and copper hotel RFID door lock. If we don’t pay attention to this oxidation, the oxidation makes the door surface not bright and leaves guests a bad impression.

To eliminate this oxidation, we could use the specialized maintenance liquid to remove the spots. The specialized liquid not only can remove the dirt and spots but also form a protective layer for the surface. The protective layer can improve the continuity of surface cleanliness.

The beachfront hotels should pay more attention about this issue. The hotel door lock is inevitably get erosion from the saltwater. Therefore, the hoteliers should use the professional erosion protection lubrication to wipe out the door lock, in order to form a protective layer for the door lock.


Regular hotel door lock maintenance not only improves the service life of the door lock but also significantly reduces potential problems occur. But the benefits of maintenance works are based on the high-quality hotel door lock.

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