How Do Hotel Key Cards Function to Grant Access to Hotel Doors?

In our world today, virtually almost all guest management systems employ hotel key cards in hotels.

There is a high possibility that you have made use of a hotel key card probably at least twice in your lifetime. Most of you might not even know how it functions or how to a great extent it is secured but one thing for sure is that you will be enlightened on how it functions after reading this article.

Certain hotels employ access cards that function with magnetic strips popularly known as mag stripe cards. There are numerous substitutes for magnetic stripe cards to hotel access some of which includes radio frequency identification cards popularly known as RFID cards, smart cards, barcode cards etc. All these substitutes have their own advantage and disadvantage, some of which will be seen below

Mag stripe: The advantage of using a mag stripe is that they are cost-effective but the chances of the card to experience tear is high which makes them less secured compared to others.
RFID card: The good thing about employing an RFID card is that they are highly durable.

How Do Hotel Key Cards Function to Grant Access to Hotel Doors?

Hotel key cards are engineered to function with door card readers that are positioned on each door lock and they can also be engineered to grant access to certain doors at a particular period of time.
How do hotel key cards function to grant access to hotel doors?

RFID cards are engineered in such a way that they possess a small chip that holds small information for the holder. Generally, the holder access number is the most detectable information. Authorized staff at the hotel disk will print the holder details at check-in and most at times, place a time limit for the card to function until departure time. The smart card door lock is programmed to be triggered as soon as the RFID card is detected and verified by the hotel door card reader. As a general principle, the process is completed by encording the card via the RFID encoder.

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