Uclocks Fingerprint and RFID Card and Touchpad Digital Door Lock--i8A1FMT

Uclocks is a lock company that focuses on delivering some of the best, highest quality and state of the art digital locks that you can find on the market. These solutions are created to suit the needs of every customer; they are reliable, easy to use and very diverse. At the same time, they can also cut the operational costs while also being very versatile and extremely easy to use.

Uclocks digital door lock company creates products that include things like access control features, electronic locker locks, electronic safes and RFID controls. Uclocks has more than 50 engineers in its team. Every lock is tested heavily in order to ensure that the results are among some of the best on the market. Each one of the circuit boards for these units is made in-house in order to offer the value and resilience that you would expect from such a unit. Not only that, but you will also have products which reach to BHMA/ANSI grade 2. Each one of these products also complies with ROHS certification. Here you have some of the best products.

Premium Fingerprint Digital Door Lock with Anti-Panic i8A1FMT
• professional digital mortise lock
• champagne gold
• 60 mm backset GB lockcase
• Touchpad
• FRID card
• Fingerprint

• You get multiple types of access, which include PIN code, RF card key or fingerprint. These can be adjusted based on your needs!
• Fingerprint Verification uses your fingerprint in order to identify your identity.
• You will see an LED indicator that glows in various colors based on its current operational state!
• You have a random code system that will help confuse people which may want to attack your unit.
• There’s manual operation, but the door will also lock automatically after a few seconds.
• You can invalidate a key, however you have to re-register the other keys as needed.
• The integrated antipanic system allows you to easily open up the door by turning the handle from the inside.
• In case the incorrect access code is shared, there’s an alarm that will stay on for around 60 seconds. This appears only if you insert a bad code 5 times. You can see it as a very good and reliable protection system in case the codes inserted here are not valid!
• You will be notified with beeping sounds if there is a low battery.
• The keypad number can be seen only when you touch the screen.
• If you want, you can override everything with a mechanical key!

Uclocks Fingerprint and RFID Card and Touchpad Digital Door Lock--i8A1FMT

• Model: i8A1FMT
• Front (Front Body): 77(W)X354(H)X83(D)( door handle included ) mm ,Zinc Alloy
• Back (Back Body): 77(W)X354(H)X86(D)(door handle included ) mm ,Zinc Alloy
• Temperature: Workable -20°C~60°C
• Humidity: Workable 20%~93%±2RH
• Door Thickness: Applicable Range 40-80mm
• Lock case: Stainless Steel
• Fingerprint: Up to 91 Groups (1 Master code fingerprint, 80 usual user finger fingerprints, 10 alarm fingerprints)
• Card Keys: Up to 41 keys (1 Master key & 40 User keys)
• User Codes: Up to 20 Groups, (10 groups usual user code, 10 groups alarm codes)
•  Battery: 4X1.5V AA Alkaline batteries (Operating voltage: 4.3~6.5V). The battery life can be very good, if you use this 10 times a day it will last for around 12 months.

Uclocks is here to bring you some of the best and highest quality electronics on the market. We are offering professional electronic locks that use solely the best materials. We always study the needs of our customers and innovate in order to bring the best value and quality.

We are always up to date with the latest industry standards and each lock is tested for around 1 million openings. We take security very seriously, that’s why our locks are based on the heavy duty mortise lockcase.

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